What You Should Know When Considering Banquet Halls for Your Reception

by | Dec 23, 2020 | Wedding Venues

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When it comes to celebrating a big event such as your wedding day, having the perfect location to hold your reception is crucial. If you are searching for Lake Geneva banquet Halls, here are some things you should know.

Consider the Location

It is important that your reception hall is not too far from the actual wedding ceremony. This is convenient for the guests and wedding party. In some cases, there are people who skip the ceremony and only attend the wedding reception. In this case, consider where your guests will be lodging and try to choose a location that is central for everyone.

Size of Venue

When looking at Lake Geneva banquet halls, you must consider how the venue will look once it is filled with tables and chairs. Although the square footage might sound like it is enough, you want to make sure everyone has enough room to sit, mingle, dance, etc. Try to imagine the placement for things like your DJ, cake table, and more will be rather than just the capacity of the room.

As you visit various reception halls, make sure you take a pen and paper with you, so you can take notes. Ask a lot of questions to find out what all is included in your package and what isn’t, so you can do a comparison of the venues later on. The least amount of work you have to do on your wedding date, the better, so keep this in mind when choosing.

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