You already know that a wedding venue in the Chicago suburbs that has large outdoor spaces is the perfect choice for your special day. You know that your guests are going to love the scenic views, fresh air, and amazing sunset in the evening. You also know that your pictures are going to turn out perfect with all the greenery in the background.

There are several things to consider as you plan your outdoor wedding. You want your guests to feel comfortable as soon as they arrive at the wedding venue in the Chicago suburbs. Make sure they have access to water and other beverages. Talk with the managers of the venue and your catering company to ensure that your guests have a constant supply of beverages to stay hydrated on a warm day.

Something else to think about is how to keep your guests entertained. With plenty of space outdoors, the options open up to have live entertainment, games, golf, dancing, and other things that will add to your special day. Many who have an outdoor wedding choose to add fun to the day in addition to the ceremony since the outdoor space creates just the right mood for fun and relaxation.

You won’t need many decorations with an outdoor wedding. This means you will be able to dedicate funds to the meal, live entertainment, and other aspects of the wedding.

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