Is it time for a new career? If so, it’s wise to learn about everything that the arts have to offer. Many people work jobs they love by becoming administrators in the world of arts. To learn if this role is right for you, here are three signs that it’s a good idea to pursue a Masters in Arts Administration.

You’re Passionate About the Arts

One of the best signs you’re ready for a career in arts administration is if you’re passionate about art. It’s this key trait that can help propel you to a great career as an arts administrator. Without this type of passion, you might be better suited as an administrator in another field.

You Enjoy Being a Leader

While having an interest in the arts is understandably important, becoming an administrator means you’re going to be in a leadership position. Because of this, it’s helpful if you enjoy leading others. If this isn’t the case, another position in the arts field might be better for you.

You’re Naturally Interested in Business

Another key trait of an effective arts administrator is an interest in the world of business. Without an interest in business, this career path might not be as rewarding as you think. But people who enjoy the business side of things often make amazing arts administrators.

If you’re ready to start obtaining your Masters in Arts Administration, you’ll want to check the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. You can find out about all of the degree options this institute offers by going to

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