The notion that printed material is obsolete is simply not true. There is still great value to be had in print-based marketing and other forms of collateral that simply cannot be discounted. It is important to understand the design and thought that goes into each piece. From client brochures and information pamphlets to elegant business cards and packaging, companies around the world are looking for printmakers who understand how to use the latest technology and design features in their work. This is what you will learn when you attend a printmaking university.

Become More Cost-Effective

Companies today are looking for printed material that not only looks great but that also provides a more effective use of their marketing dollars. Knowing the latest techniques will allow you to deliver on this objective. You will discover what it takes to create excellent designs that can be printed for a fraction of the cost.

Learn How to Adapt to the Times

It is also important to know how to evolve in whatever profession you choose in life. Printing a few decades ago was vastly different than it is today. This is a profession that will continue to evolve in the future, so it is important to have the skills necessary to adapt right along with those changes.

Attending a printmaking university is more within your reach than you may have ever dreamed possible. Contact The School of the Art Institute of Chicago to learn about the programs that they have to offer. You can also research them further on their website at

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