While many people are going through a financial struggle, you may not want to throw an extravagant soiree. For your upcoming wedding reception, you may desire a smaller event to save on expenses. By keeping the affair simple, you can ease the financial burden on yourself and your friends and family. Also, you make it easier and more stress-free to plan. Here are the benefits of having an intimate wedding reception near Wicker Park.


Because you are purchasing fewer items for your event, you can be more creative with the decor, supplies, and seating you choose. There may be special favors or a unique venue you cannot afford with a larger crowd. But, you can easily acquire these with a low-key wedding reception near Wicker Park. You will have more time to put your personal touch on each detail. So, the end result can be more comfortable.


When guests travel to a wedding, they plan on getting a bit of relaxation at the same time. With an intimate wedding reception in Wicker Park, you can participate in those activities with them. You can plan special events during the time of your wedding, so your guests can enjoy them with you. For instance, having your wedding at a golf course allows you to get a few rounds played only days before or after your event.

Having a small-scale wedding near Wicker Park can allow you to gain many advantages. Learn more from Carriage Greens Country Club by visiting their website today.

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