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Why You Should Get a Masters Degree In Historic Preservation

The benefits of studying historic preservation are plentiful. It can help with your resume, be a steppingstone to other degrees or careers, and give you the opportunity to make an impact on society. You may have heard that it’s expensive, but there are many

Earning a Degree in Print Design Will Take Your Career to Another Level

The notion that printed material is obsolete is simply not true. There is still great value to be had in print-based marketing and other forms of collateral that simply cannot be discounted. It is important to understand the design and thought that goes into

Where Core Values Spring Forth from Passionate Beings and Begat a School

Superlatives are more than words that puff up a person, place, or thing. True excellence comes from the essence of meaning and making. Here is where a Master of Design is not a label, but an explanation forged by greats like Georgia O’Keeffe, Walt

Journalism Records History Live During These Unprecedented Times

Journalism is perhaps the most important means we have today to explore and document these unprecedented times. Journalism is a profession that involves intelligence, inquisitiveness, creativity, and persistence. Be the first to like. Like Unlike

What You Can Learn from One of the Top Textile Design Schools in Chicago

If you dream of working in the field of textile design, enrolling in an accredited school is a great way to obtain the knowledge that you’ll need to embark on this career path. Here are some of the main subjects that you’ll learn when