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The Importance of Proper Color Theory Education for Budding Artists

When it comes to creating art, color is one of the most important elements. Color can affect the way a viewer perceives a piece of art, and can also be used to create certain moods or atmospheres. Therefore, it is essential that artists have

These 3 Types of Musical Genres Sound Best Live! (Working with a Vocalist)

Want to hire a jazz vocalist or a group of jazz vocalists? They can totally upgrade your wedding, reception, or cooperate event. However, you may be wondering what other genres a talented vocalist can tackle. Continue reading to learn more about the best genres

Could Your Kids Benefit From Art Classes In Maryland?

What Is Art?Remember that jocular saying that goes something like – “I don’t know about art but I know what I like”? Many a true word can be spoken in jest and that is certainly true about art since, as a subject, it can

3 Signs That You Should Consider Working as an Arts Administrator

Is it time for a new career? If so, it’s wise to learn about everything that the arts have to offer. Many people work jobs they love by becoming administrators in the world of arts. To learn if this role is right for you,

The T-Rex Roar: What Is Sound Design and Why Is It Important?

Most people might not realize it at first, but they tend to overlook how important sound is in various types of entertainment media. The sound quality of entertainment media is so important, in fact, that there are schools for sound design. But even with