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The Importance of Proper Color Theory Education for Budding Artists

When it comes to creating art, color is one of the most important elements. Color can
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These 3 Types of Musical Genres Sound Best Live! (Working with a Vocalist)

Want to hire a jazz vocalist or a group
22 February | by Forrest Grady
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Could Your Kids Benefit From Art Classes In Maryland?

What Is Art?Remember that jocular saying that goes something
12 November | by Forrest Grady
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3 Signs That You Should Consider Working as an Arts Administrator

Is it time for a new career? If so,
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Have Fun In Southwest Ranches By Attending The Events That Make Headlines!

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How to Compare Different Wedding Venues, Find Your Ideal Spot in Chicago

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How To Go About Event Planning

Most people rarely think about event planning until they
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The Arrangement, an Album by American Jazz Vocalist Sylvia Brooks

25 October | by Forrest Grady
Jazz Noir is described as a “shadowy, melancholy corner of music” that evokes similar feelings in its audience that film noir did with its

The Benefits if Enjoying Music with Powerful Historical Influence

There have been countless studies relaying the importance of

Bringing Back the Sounds of the Classics

In the world of music, there is nothing like

Discover the Soothing Sounds of a Female Vocal Artist at a Live Concert

Are you a music enthusiast that enjoys a range