Vocal Women: Finding Vocal Work in Los Angeles

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Music

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Singing for Supper
In entertainment towns like Los Angeles, finding work as a singer, actress or vocal performer isn’t always easy. Studios in these areas have large talent pools to draw from, and this gives them the opportunity to be more selective about who they employ. This leaves many performers – especially women, who according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics are statistically more likely to be entertainers – feeling discouraged.

Many female vocalists do find at least moderate success as performers in these areas, though. Their secret? Finding a mentor in the field they’re interested in working in.

Why Mentoring?
Mentors can provide a great deal to a hopeful performer. This includes but isn’t limited to:
*Practical advice
*Much-needed support and encouragement
*Critique and instruction
*An inside look at the business from an experienced point of view
*Networking and professional connections

These resources are invaluable to young women who are searching for their place among the crowds of those who come to the big city with a dream of performing.

What Else is There?
Metropolitan areas provide other opportunities for performers, as well. Classical jazz artist and actress Sylvia Brooks is one Los Angeles performer who has taken full advantage of these opportunities, appearing on local television and radio programs and enjoying popularity on the local jazz music scene as a result. Not only does this provide a female vocalist like Brooks with publicity, it puts them in front of an audience who is already looking for their specific brand of entertainment.

Though undeniably more difficult than some more traditional lines of work, singing, acting and vocal work are not impossible fields for performers to find stable jobs in. The most important factor isn’t luck, but understanding the area they intend to work in and finding contacts and resources in that area. By utilizing every resource available to them, women who seek careers in the performing arts are more likely to find them – especially in larger cities.

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