The Arrangement, an Album by American Jazz Vocalist Sylvia Brooks

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Music

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Jazz Noir is described as a “shadowy, melancholy corner of music” that evokes similar feelings in its audience that film noir did with its dark imagery and subjectivism. With her sultry, sexy and sophisticated voice, Sylvia Brooks, a female jazz vocalist, has won an award as one of the best female Jazz vocalists. Singing in this genre, Ms. Brooks transports her audience into the dark, hidden corners of the human heart where lust, love and loneliness struggle for primacy. Her songs that are erotic, emotive and somewhat ambivalent reach out to audiences.

An Evocative Female Jazz Vocalist

Recently, this winner released a third album, entitled The Arrangement. There is a mix of musical standards in it as tunes outside the realm of jazz have been given jazzy arrangements on original tracks by five talented writers. The glamorous Sylvia Brooks performs in the dramatic lead in these songs, as both ingénue and a world-weary femme-fatale. By bringing forth an erotically-charged, musical realm of the noir, she exposes the deep currents of longing as do classic American jazz vocalists.

With her alluring voice, as one of the best female Jazz vocalists from Los Angeles, Sylvia Brooks “inhabits” each song on her new album, generating a glamorous image that is nostalgic of the classic American Jazz vocalists of the 1940s and 50s. With the innovative and creative arrangements of Kim Richmond, Jeff Colella, Otmaro Ruiz, Quinn Johnson and Christian Jacob, Brooks’s third release, entitled Restless, switches from black and white to vivid colors with the creative arrangements of Jeff Colella, Otmaro Ruiz, Kim Richmond, Quinn Johnson and Christian Jacob. Listening to Sylvia’s album is a delightful experience.

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