The Benefits if Enjoying Music with Powerful Historical Influence

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Music

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There have been countless studies relaying the importance of music in human lives and education. For the most part, many people would agree that music matters. From the stimulating development of seemingly unrelated cognitive functions, to improving your overall mood and disposition, music is a powerful force that is present in practically every culture. Jazz is perhaps one of the best examples of music being utilized as a tool to not only provide a platform of self-expression, but also showcases the absolute beauty that stems from nothing other than simply being human. In all of its courageous and unapologetic glory.

Jazz Has Played Important Roles in Improving Society

There are so many occasions where Jazz is spoke of in the past tense. However, Jazz is still alive and well in the world today. Wherever you happen to see people, you can also experience the influence that Jazz has played on society. While there is no doubt it holds significant historical importance, Jazz still has loads to offer current culture. The least of which is a homage to American human history. From the oppression of Females and African Americans this musical genre was built through the type of courage that was not immune to fear but embraced. Creating a movement that bucked societal norms in exchange for both personal and collective freedom.

Jazz as an Authentic Human Experience

Knowing this, it is nearly impossible to think of Jazz and not feel a deep and meaningful sense of pride in your fellow human. This is because Jazz music alone is a representation of all that can be accomplished by wholeheartedly being yourself. Free of limitations, big band swing artists and Jazz performers like Sylvia Brooks for example, still celebrate the innate beauty of Jazz today. Reminding us that everyone’s voice is equally important and to never settle for anything less than what you believe in your heart. Be sure to check out Sylvia Brooks’ website to experience the effect of Jazz in all its glory for yourself.

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