It can be too easy to take framing for granted. Art installers, museum curators, and artists might understand, but other often people fail to realize the importance of framing to the overall impression and presentation of an object. How an item is perceived largely depends on how it is framed. Expert framers are not just trained in the technical aspects of framing like measuring, cutting glass, and ensuring the sizing is appropriate for the item; framers have to have a highly developed, experienced, keen eye. When framing an item, the color of the mat, the reflectiveness of the glass, and the actual material used for the frame itself are important issues to consider. Some small items may benefit from a relatively large mat, drawing in the viewer to take a closer look; whereas other small items look much more pronounced and striking when the frame matches their petite size. Not all paintings or photographs need elaborate frames. In fact, many of your pictures benefit from a simple, sleek design that does not detract from the main item.

Custom framing is the art of matching a frame to the item: whether that item is a portrait of your family, an autographed team jersey, or a photograph of the trip you took to Israel. Framing also preserves items, preventing them from being exposed to the elements that might cause premature deterioration. Custom framing ensures that the type of frame and material used will capture the essence of the item visually, while also preserving and protecting that item for years to come. Most frames to be custom designed to be done right, as stock frames only sometimes provide what your item needs in terms of size, proportion, materials, and color. When you bring an item to a custom framer like Rosembaum Framing near Fort Lauderdale, you can rest assured that your piece will be presented in the best light possible. Custom framing is an affordable full-service option that helps you to showcase important items or works of art in your home or place of business.

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