Top Female Soul and Jazz Artists of All Time

by | Jan 2, 2017 | Music

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Imagine what type of world we’d have without music, with conversations that revolve around subjects such as work and the weather, and films being lifeless and boring without any musical components? Music is an important aspect of living and via song, lyrics, and melody, it’s possible for emotions and thoughts to be conveyed easily and clearly by different artists. This post highlights the top 3 female soul and jazz artists of all time.

Aretha Franklin is known worldwide as The Queen of Soul. She’s the second female artist who’s recognized in Grammy history, just after Alison Krauss. Over time, Franklin won 18 Grammy Awards and was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Grammy and the Living Legend Grammy. She has 8 successive and competitive awards from 1968 to 1975 within the Best Female R&B Vocal category. This award, subsequently was named The Aretha Award.

Billie Holiday made a big contribution to jazz and just a few jazz artists could rival this singer. The American jazz composer and jazz vocalist has been heralded as amongst the best female vocalists ever. All throughout her latter career years, a ton of abuse was put on her vocal cords and eventually it changed her original strong and rich voice texture. As such, her most recent albums have an odd enticing fragility. However, in spite of her voice alternation, no one may contest the degree of emotions infused within all of her performances which may be heard in all her tunes, as this stayed in full-force and consistent all throughout her life.

Etta James is amongst the best singers of American R&B, blues, rock and roll, soul, gospel, and jazz. In the 1950s and 1960s, she enjoyed a highly successful career with legendary Chess Records as a blues and R&B artist. In recent times, pop celeb Beyonce played the part of James in the movie Cadillac Records which covered the classic song “At Last”. Her turbulent life of drugs and drinking was portrayed all throughout the movie which received mixed reviews, yet the memory of James’ amazing voice will be with fans forever.

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