Everyone loves a good comedy show, and knowing where the best place to see comedians in Jacksonville area can really pay off. Funny is funny, right? Well, not always. Funny sometimes tries really hard but it just does not get delivered the right way or the club is too seedy and too small. The drinks are bad, the food is a disappointment, etc. Funny can be a lot funnier when you are in the right club.

Headliners and Others
The right club will feature a variety of major headliners and lesser-known newcomers to liven things up a bit. If the club is high quality, it is sure to lure in the headliners and have newcomers clamoring to get on stage. Being able to see your favorite acts up on stage and getting to know some new ones is a great opportunity to enjoy some laughter.

The Food, Drinks and Staff
Laughter is the best medicine and a good plate of food combined with a great drink and friendly staff sure helps the medicine go down. The right club is not only about the comedians on stage, they also know how to throw a party by offering great menu items and delicious drinks. The staff should also make you feel welcome when you walk in the door and provide attentive and fun service.

In other words, what you want is a complete experience. You don’t want just a great comedian and you do not want just a great club, you want it all. There is one club that stands out from the rest and offers the entire package of setting, food, drinks, friendly staff and great comedians (both well-known and upcoming)- The Comedy Zone! The Comedy Zone is the place you want to go for everything funny! For more information, go to comedyzone.com or call (904) 292 4242.

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