Want to hire a jazz vocalist or a group of jazz vocalists? They can totally upgrade your wedding, reception, or cooperate event. However, you may be wondering what other genres a talented vocalist can tackle. Continue reading to learn more about the best genres that sound great live.

Classical for a Classy Event

Classical music sounds so elegant live. If you have a wedding or wedding reception lined up, consider this genre. You can’t go wrong with live music.

Rock and Roll for Vintage Vibes

If you want a vintage-inspired soundtrack, then rock and roll is your best bet. Opt for songs by the king himself — Elvis!


Looking for something with some more soul? Then opt for blues music.

Finally, Jazz!

The final genre that sounds great live? Jazz, of course! Jazz vocalists can lend their voices and add so much class to your event. Make it a memorable day and opt for this timeless genre. Jazz sounds beautiful without vocals, however, add someone’s beautiful voice and the music is guaranteed to touch your soul. This is especially true if you book a singer and band for an event you want to remember for the rest of your life. Your guests will thank you for introducing them to beautiful music.

Some Final Words on Hiring a Jazz Vocalist

Although there are several genres that sound beautiful live, there is something so soothing about hearing live jazz from a talented artist and band. To learn about working with some of the best artists in the game, visit Sylvia Brooks today.

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