Most people rarely think about event planning until they have a large-scale party. By then, it could be too late to get everything you need and have things organised, which is why you may want to consider your options and have steps in place to make it easier when the time comes.


Before you start planning your event, it is important to determine what the goal or purpose is. For example, why are you hosting this party and what do you want it to achieve? You may be hoping to raise awareness or earn money for a local charity. You may be hoping to create brand awareness and boost sales. Whatever your reasons, make sure you know them ahead of time.


Organise a group of people to handle each step of the process. It’s much easier for one person or team to work on marketing while another keeps the budget in line. Just make sure that each team communicates with everyone else as necessary.


The date you choose could be just as important as the venue. Before you can plan for locations and other needs, you’ll need to know when the event will be held. Give yourself four to six months of preparation and make sure you take into account the various holidays, both for schools and religious holidays.


The theme you select is essential, as well. You may want to do something unique that fits your company’s image or may prefer to use tried-and-true logos and taglines that remind people of your brand.

Master Plan

The master plan is essential for planning. You’ll keep track of all the logistics, including permits, insurance, and contracts, as well as entertainment and activities, publicity, registration, and other management needs. You may also be able to keep track of budgets and sponsors/partners if necessary. Contact GoldenTix today!

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