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Vocal Women: Finding Vocal Work in Los Angeles

Singing for Supper In entertainment towns like Los Angeles, finding work as a singer, actress or vocal performer isn’t always easy. Studios in these areas have large talent pools to draw from, and this gives them the opportunity to be more selective about who

Top Female Soul and Jazz Artists of All Time

Imagine what type of world we’d have without music, with conversations that revolve around subjects such as work and the weather, and films being lifeless and boring without any musical components? Music is an important aspect of living and via song, lyrics, and melody,

Notable Black Females of Jazz

Eleanor Collins She was born on November 21st, 1919 in Canada. Jazz vocalist Collins included the first Canadian musician to have a national TV series named for her within 1955 named the “Eleanor” show. Collins’ musical appearances and career started in the 1940’s on

Music Will Create The Theme For Your Wedding

Ask any person what they have most enjoyed about an event, and they’re likely to comment on the food and the venue and the general ambiance. They might not immediately associate the music with the success of a function (unless it’s a concert) but

Looking For Trends In Past Careers

Go back far enough and you should be able to find the beginning of a trend. Most trends that we can think of today wouldn’t require a time machine or even a new calendar any many cases. Trends and fads are fickle, subject to