Go back far enough and you should be able to find the beginning of a trend. Most trends that we can think of today wouldn’t require a time machine or even a new calendar any many cases. Trends and fads are fickle, subject to the whim of popular culture and the great influencers of pop culture which is now known as social media. Trends are organic; what makes them so catching is that they have been there for a while. You catch glimpses of them in magazines, catalogs and on social media. At first, they may seem interesting but before you can catch them, they are everywhere and depending on how fast they catch on ultimately determines their lifespan. Some trends never die, though. Critics throughout history have been proven wrong time and again when they’ve tried to label music genres such as rock and roll, Electronic Dance Music and even New Wave as passing trends.

The Stars Of The Show
When we think of decades such as the seventies and eighties, it’s hard not to think of colors, fashion, typefaces, icons and trends. Trends are so intrinsically tied to the fabric of an era that it’s difficult to picture a time without its trends. To name a few characteristics, the eighties were a time of big hair, bright colors, punk music and synthesizers. It was the beginning of electronic music. The female pop singers of this generation were imitated and beloved largely in part due to MTV. Music Videos, magazines, tape cassettes and compact discs allowed fans to assimilate music and the lifestyle surrounding it into their own.

Singing To The World
Today, you don’t have to be famous to be Internet famous or gain exposure. In every way it’s easier to gain exposure, but it’s still just as difficult to be signed and make it to the top. Female pop singers not only have to be talented singers and performers, but they must also be great interviewers and entertainers. Because of the Internet and social media, the whole world has access to these women’s lives and is interested in watching every part of it. Whether it is for the latest trends or a source of inspiration from an entertainer’s choice to stray from the path and do her own thing, female pop singers play an incredible role in helping to set the trends we see evolving every day. It’ll be interesting to look back on this era that is quickly being distinguished by social media to see its affect on trends and female pop singers and their influence on popular culture.

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