If you’re planning to get married in Orland Park, you’ll want to select a wedding venue that meets all your requirements. Choosing the right venue can make your entire ceremony more special and leave you with many great memories. Here are four things that you should look for when reviewing different Orland Park wedding venues.


You’ll want a venue that’s spacious enough to accommodate all your guests and wedding party members comfortably. Getting married in a cramped space can take a lot of joy out of the ceremony and leave everyone with a bad impression of the event. If you plan to hold the reception at the wedding venue, additional space requirements might need to be taken into consideration.


Naturally, you’ll want to get married in a venue that can give you the lowest price without having to sacrifice quality. If you’re not too picky about the wedding date, you can possibly save money by getting married at a venue in the autumn or winter instead of the spring or summer high season.


Some venues have inhouse caterers while others will expect you to hire your own catering staff. It’s important to find out if a particular venue has caterers on staff so that you can plan all food service details accordingly.

Visual Appeal of the Setting

Getting married in a beautiful setting can add sparkle to the occasion, so it’s important to look for visual appeal when choosing a venue. Having your wedding at a country club golf course is an excellent choice if you want to be surrounded by beautiful greens in an upscale environment.

You can create a magical experience for everyone by getting married in the right venue. Carriage Greens Country Club is regarded as one of the best Orland Park wedding venues, and you can learn more about this location by visiting our website.

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