Female Pop Singers Have To Make Money Somehow

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Music

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While many have predicted the death of Pop music over the years, it hasn’t come to pass yet. However, because of the rise of pirated and free music online, it makes it nearly impossible for these female and male singers to make any money and they have been reduced to doing much more for much less. It can be confusing to think that your actions could matter, but if you want to play music at an event, you may do well to hire someone to sing or play music, or both. Instead of jumping on youtube.com or other websites that are similar, hire the real thing to get people interested.

What A Singer May Do To Get Paid

Many times, a vocalist will allow their song to be played in a movie or television show, which helps promote them and helps them get paid, though not as much as you’d think. Most people believe that musicians get paid millions of dollars to have their song played, but in reality, it may only be a few thousand dollars so that anyone, anywhere can watch the video and hear the song. Other times, they choose to promote products through television commercials.

Popularity Doesn’t Put Food On The Table

If you look at the music charts, female pop singers are incredibly popular and have the top songs, but being popular isn’t enough. They need money to pay bills and be a family, just like regular people. That is why they typically put their songs in video games, television shows, movies and commercials, to help pay bills and keep them in the limelight, if for a short period of time.

Why Hire Professionals

You can help others do what they were meant to do by hiring them for your next event. Instead of using a DJ or music from the Internet, hire the singer. Up-and-coming musicians will be excited to have a real “gig,” and you’ll get the benefits of having live music at your events.

When To Hire Professionals

You can hire them for almost any occasion, such as holiday parties, promotional events, conferences, trade shows, meetings and much more.

How To Find Them

Finding them can be somewhat challenging, but there are many helpful websites, or you can search for a particular person or genre to get started. Just make sure you read the fine print before signing any contracts.

Female pop singers are still going strong, but it can be difficult for them. Show your appreciation for Sylvia Brooks by visiting her website and learning more about her.

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