When you dream of getting married, there may be a particular type of location you have in mind for the reception. It could be a grand castle or a sandy spot near the ocean. Whatever you choose can have a strong influence on how your reception will occur and the amount it would cost. Although you definitely want to love the location, you should ensure it has everything you need for your day to go well. The following items are crucial qualities your venue should have.


You can tour a facility that would be a beautiful place to invite your friends and family. However, it must have enough room to fit your guests along with the decor, seating, and dining setup. To ensure that the venue for a wedding reception in Bucktown is the correct size, you will need to do a bit of research. This investigation involves peeking at similar weddings held in the same space or restructuring your plans to fit everything into the place.


The colors and d├ęcor that you select for your wedding reflects your personal taste and the way you view your romantic relationship. You may see your groom as a southern gentleman or a Gatsby-like tycoon. Either way, your venue for a wedding reception near Bucktown should allow you to use the colors that fit your theme. The design of the room does not have to be an exact match for your vision, but it should not clash against it.

Carriage Greens Country Club is a great place for a wedding reception near Bucktown. See their gallery by going to www.carriagegreens.com.

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