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Female Pop Singers Have To Make Money Somehow

While many have predicted the death of Pop music over the years, it hasn’t come to pass yet. However, because of the rise of pirated and free music online, it makes it nearly impossible for these female and male singers to make any money

Female American Jazz Vocalists in Today’s Music Industry

While flipping through the latest entertainment magazines, you will likely see an array of reviews and insight into some of the latest female pop music icons, as there is no denying the major impact that pop music has had on our culture today. What

Unavoidable music

Life in music: Music is the wonderful art form of sound. Rhythms, pitch, harmony, tempo and articulation are the various elements of music. Music is the medicine for everyone. It helps us stay calm and helps our disturbed soul recover from an otherwise stressful

Jacksonville Music: What You Need To Hear

If you’re taking part in a speech competition and you’re topic is Jacksonville music then you’ll find it quite hard to fit in everything you need to say within a couple of minutes. This Florida city has been highly influential in giving America and