When one considers installing full home automation in Charlotte, the thoughts span tying together lighting, HVAC and security. Although on the surface, it sounds like it could be very expensive, the truth is, that it’s not.

Advancements in electronics in recent years have made for more affordable systems with greater potential than ever before. Many people undertake the installation of a security system due to the ever increasing incidence of burglary, but most have not thought any further. Today, however, the components for a wired home which allows for total efficiency and connectivity are readily available and affordable.

Recently, one of the oldest and largest suppliers of home automation launched a product that gives the homeowner complete control of the home security system, the heating and air-conditioning and the lighting all from a common touch screen controller. It’s not just a matter of controlling these elements from a shared point; it is a matter of them working together. The system controls the door locks, CCTV cameras, fully automated window shades and the temperature. The system can be controlled from any wireless device using Wi-Fi.

The beauty of home automation in Charlotte is not just limited to the increased levels of security at a reasonable cost; it goes beyond that. The savings in energy-consumption can be dramatic. When the security system is armed, the assumption is that the house is un-occupied, when this is the case, the heating, air-conditioning and lighting is automatically reduced. As the systems can be controlled via an iPhone app or any wireless mobile device, the system can be adjusted from anywhere.

There are a number of benefits to home automation in Charlotte:

1. Efficiently manage the homes energy needs. It is a simple matter to adjust or set a programmable thermostat or to raise or lower automated blinds as well as controlling specific lights in the home. The heating or air-conditioning can be set to an energy-saving mode when the occupants are out, and the system can be programmed to turn on prior to arrival so the house temperature is perfect.

When CCTV cameras are integrated into the home security system, it enables the homeowner to see who is at the door or what is going on in the home. The home automation system can be programmed to send an alert to the parent when a child arrives from school or the owner can scan periodically to check on the pets or any parcels left by the delivery people.

3. Sensors can be placed in strategic areas of the home which are subject to flooding or extreme chances in temperature. These sensors can alert the homeowner to a broken pipe, a leak or a fire.

In the past for these things to be done it took a number of different systems, none of which worked together and rarely could they be monitored outside the home. With today’s home automation systems, that has all changed.

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