How To Create The Most Spectacular Event

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Arts and Entertainment

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Have you ever been to a concert or event and are completely dazzled by the amazing stage and the special effects? When there’s magnificent lighting and incredible video effects, and when all of the action is projected onto huge screens so that even those at the back are able to enjoy the full spectacle, you know that the event has been put together by professionals. Likewise, try attending an event where the sound quality is bad and when you need to bob and weave constantly just to get a glimpse of what’s happening on stage, and you’ll know that the event has been poorly executed.

Then there’s the matter of crowd control – large events have to be incredibly well orchestrated and controlled to prevent serious accidents from occurring. If you visit a venue that has too few exits or if limited control is in place, you’ll immediately be aware that you don’t feel safe and are anxious about the thousands of people around you that could turn into a stampeding mob at a moment’s notice.

The Importance Of Excellent Stage Rigging
As much as it’s important to have an impressive looking stage with all the exciting design, even more essential are safety and quality. When hiring a company to build a stage for your concert or event, you need to partner with a team that is expert at stage rigging, and which has many years of experience in putting together outstanding events.

From a cost perspective, there are custom stages that can be provided, as well as standard designs. However, the basic structure of a stage can also be very versatile so that you would be able to take the standard equipment and produce something to your own unique design. If you have an idea but can’t quite visualize what you’re looking for, it’s a good idea to work with a company that has its own team of designers who will be able to conceptualize for you and give you excellent creative input.

Cutting Edge Technology Is Available
Having an incredible event often depends on keeping up with the latest designs and technological advances. If you are able to produce sound or light effects that haven’t yet been seen, you have the possibility of creating an unforgettable experience for your audience. As these scientific advances are on-going, be sure to work with a company that keeps up-to-date and ahead of the pack. Once again, make certain that everything you plan for your event has been carefully vetted from a safety perspective. For complete confidence in safe and innovative stage rigging, contact Gallagher Staging. Their many years of unrivalled experience will greatly enhance your event.

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