Nicole Alger is a Contemporary Landscape Painter in New York whose work has come to the forefront of both new and classic painting styles. She is a Contemporary Landscape Painter with a diverse selection of her work available for viewing on her web pages located at The paintings of Nicole Alger work to combine aspects of abstract art along with elements of realistic action. Nicole Alger is a Contemporary Landscape Painter who makes each of her paintings one in which balance and the energy of the chakra system plays a large part. The colors of the chakra wheel are used in her work to bring forth illustrations of healing and energy. Along with the modern features of her artwork, this painter finds inspiration in the classics and mythological stories.

A visit to her web site can give you examples of many of her finest pieces. These include Portraits and Still Life paintings. She also displays the many drawings that she has created over the years. Every painting and drawing has deep meaning for this artist, as she attempts to find an inner world within the art she designs. While each piece of art may begin with a simple idea or theme, they become increasingly complex as she lets her intuition guide her hand with color and light.

Unlike her early work which was primarily landscape painting, now Nicole Alger can be seen painting more on the style of the great European artists like Klimt and Degas. With this rich background influencing her work, admirers can also find the seeds of spiritual depth in the seemingly simplest of portraiture. Her website can let her fans and those curious about her future art offerings take part in her creativity. There is a calendar of events for the artist and information on showings and sales. Biographical information on this painter is also there for those who would like to learn about her in her own words. Links to galleries showing her work can also be taken from these web pages and is updated often. To cap things off further, links to the artist on social media like facebook are available.

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