Getting married is an exciting experience. If you want a truly spectacular event, there is a lot of planning that must go into it. You have to think about your guest list, the colors and décor, the theme if any, and the menu. A very important decision you have to make is about where to hold the reception. The number of different wedding venues to select from is very high, so you need to know what you want and how to compare these different locations. As you research and visit different spaces in Chicago, consider the tips below to find your perfect location.

Compare Different Landscapes and Settings

When you select a location for your wedding, you may or may not already know what kind of setting you want. You need a place that can accommodate the number of guests you want to invite. Many locations have different venue options within their premises, so this can help you compare different setups.

You might want a hall event or an outdoor wedding. For all events and outdoor ones, in particular, it’s important that you find a place with a great landscape. Beautiful views can greatly enhance any wedding. Take some time to visit different venues and get a feel for the premises to help you decide.

Consider Wedding Package Options

Another important consideration is about the different services available at different spaces. Many venues offer extensive wedding packages including catering, décor, and hosting staff. These can take a lot of the planning work out of your hands and into the hands of professionals. Consider signing up for a package to get an entire wedding setup.

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