You’ve got your sights set on Lake Geneva Wi Golf for your next anniversary getaway. You picture yourself and your spouse having a grand of a time on the water, off the water, and everything in between. Your coworker recommended going there, as it is known for outdoor activities, food, and entertainment. Today, we will talk about 2 popular activities that many flock to when visiting Lake Geneva.

Water Activities

As massive as Lake Geneva is, it is no wonder why many run towards its beaches to cool off during the summer season. There are at least 5 beaches to swim and cool off in, 3 are public beaches. If you rather enjoy the water without getting wet, take a cruise or rent a boat and enjoy cruising on its calm and shimmering waters.


Another popular activity in Lake Geneva is golfing. With pristine kept lawns and intricately designed courses, you’ll easily spend your whole day relaxing and enjoying playing a round of golf or two. Perhaps you’d like to start with a 9-hole course and realize you are having too much fun and decide on also playing an 18-hole course, no one will blame you. Just make sure you bring plenty of drinks to rehydrate along the way.


Perhaps you are looking for a place where you and your spouse can do all those activities without having to leave for each one of them. A place where you can head to Lake Geneva, WI, to golf, enjoy the water, and truly experience the area in luxury. Visit Abbey Springs Golf Course. They offer fine dining, casual dining, a private beach, and of course, golf. So, when looking for the go-to luxurious experience when visiting Lake Geneva, WI, to golf and enjoy other activities, this is where you should go. Call or visit them so you can enjoy your next anniversary in luxury while visiting Lake Geneva.

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