If you are looking for a wedding photographer in NJ, you may not know where to start. There are a ton of different photographers out there, and each one has a different hook to get you interested. At Limelight Entertainment, we are proud to offer some of the best wedding photography in the area, at reasonable prices. However, even if you do not choose us, we want to make sure you choose the right photographer for your wedding. Here are our tips on how to find the perfect wedding photographer for you:

  1. Determine your price range. There are great wedding photographers at all different price points, so determine your price range and keep your research in that range.
  2. Pick your style. Wedding photographs have different feelings. Do you want highly stylized and posed portraits or are you more interested in live-action shots? Do you want great black and white images, full color images, or both? Think about the style you want and look for photographers who match that style.
  3. Schedule interviews with the photographers. Your wedding is a big deal; spend the time for an interview to make sure you and the photographer are on the same page. Make sure you are meeting with the person or people who will actually be shooting the wedding, and make sure you like their personalities. If you find their personalities off-putting, it may be difficult for them to capture great images of you and their guests.
  4. Don’t just look at a few images online; ask to see some entire wedding portfolios.
  5. Have a list of must-have shots and make sure the photographer can commit to getting them.
  6. Look at the packages that the shooters offer. Sure, you will probably be able to buy a copyright release so that you can make prints from any lab that you choose, but you will probably want them to provide a certain number and type of actual prints, so you want to know how much that will cost.
  7. Ask how long after the wedding it will be before you get your images and what type of post-production work the photographer does on the images.
  8. Make sure you know your rights. Legally, a photographer owns the images he or she shoots. If you do not want your pictures used in promotional material or want the freedom to distribute your pictures, at will, find out if the photographer is willing to agree to those conditions, and, if so, if there will be any extra cost.

Wedding photographs are timeless memories of one of the best nights of your life. To find out more about our wedding photography services, contact Limelight Entertainment at 888-900-0042.

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