Have you obtained an undergraduate degree in journalism or writing? Have you been involved on your college’s campus newspaper, literary magazine, or yearbook? All of this publishing experience can prepare you for a degree in journalism. Journalism graduate programs can offer a variety of classes, and there are many of the programs across the country.

Preparing for School

If you are entering an undergraduate or graduate program in journalism, it can be very important that you provide the institution with samples of your work. You should also try to gain sufficient experience in the field that you are interested.

What Can You Gain?

You can increase your communication skills be interviewing individuals for articles or other writing pieces. You can gain experience by writing for any of the following positions:

  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Radio
  • Television

Job Opportunities

There are many opportunities in which you can obtain a job in the field of journalism. You may find a job that is directly related to the degree that you have obtained, or you may find a job that does not really seem to relate to your experience as well, but you may think it would be a fun and beneficial position to try. You can obtain a job as an editor, copywriter, writer for a newspaper, freelancer, journalist for broadcasting, or a writer for public relations.

If you are applying for a journalism program, it can be important to have great communication skills and responsibility. It is also important to meet deadlines as events and news are constantly taking place, and journalists should stay focused on entering their best work before the deadline each day. If you are attending an institution for a graduate degree in journalism, it can be important to consider what type of side jobs are out there for you. Freelancing may be the easiest side job, but it can quickly become your main job if you provide excellent service to your clients.

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