Tourist attractions are places which attract great number of tourists to a particular place. Such places can be of historical background, a monument, amusement park, museum, zoos, art galleries, famous libraries, botanical gardens. Places of tourist attractions need great amount of maintenance and care. Such places have importance of their own whether it is historical or scenic.

What do tourists look for?

Tourists while choosing which place to visit look for whether the place is easily reachable, whether it is safe to visit the place, does it hold any historical importance, how famous the place is and if it is an adventure spot satisfying the tourist requirements.

There are also certain places that attracts more tourists because of many factors such as the scenic beauty, the popularity of the place and its accessibility.

Popular tourist attractions of the world

Some of the popular tourist attraction destinations include The Taj Mahal(India), The Great Wall of China(China), Eiffel Tower(Paris), St. Peters Basilica(Italy), Alhambra(Spain), Empire State Building(United States), Monet’s Garden’s (France), St Pauls Cathedral(United Kingdom), Reichstag(Germany), Westminster Abbey(United Kingdom), etc.

Factors responsible for destruction of tourist places

Today it is very common to witness the tourist places in a deteriorating condition in many parts of the world. Uncontrolled tourism (conventional) acts as a major threat to tourism. Also the mismanagement by the authorities and improper handling results in its deteriorating condition. Many a times the tourists who visit the place also cause its destruction. Apart from these ecological factors also result into the damage of the places of tourist attraction and result into its destruction.

When to visit?

The trips to tourist attraction spots should be planned when the weather is not hot. It should be kept in mind that the time chosen to visit is when there are fewer crowds. Fall is the best time to visit such places.

tourist attraction

tourist attraction

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