Romantic comedy has become one of the most popular genres in the movie business. The kind of box office collections most romantic comedy movies make has prompted film makers to continuously produce these movies. These movies have become great box office successes globally and not just in their home countries.

These movies are light-hearted and have many humorous elements. They have a romantic plot at its core. In most of these movies there will be errors, accidents, coincidences and elements that constantly create trouble in the happy couple’s paradise. Notting Hill, Pretty Woman and Two Weeks Notice are some of the most appreciated romantic comedy movies.

Most people prefer to watch romantic comedies over romantic dramas as they are more fun and do not have too many emotional twists and turns. So, the audiences enjoy these movies with a good laugh. Romantic drama plays on the emotions of its audiences and does not have humour as one of the sub themes of the movie.

Romantic drama involves intense performances and often depicts a struggle to reach the beloved. Titanic and The Notebook are some of the most watched romantic dramas. Romantic comedy movies are most popular among the younger generation as they often relate to the issues and characters in the movies.

This genre of movies is widely watched all over the globe. This is because it does not emotionally drain its viewers and still gives them full entertainment. The audiences get the value for their movie along with many laughs.

Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bullocks are some of the most popular choices many film makers go for when they want to make romantic comedy movies. Romantic comedy movies are quite watched by not just theatre enthusiasts but also by many home viewers. So, make sure you book your tickets for the next romantic comedies in town.



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