While flipping through the latest entertainment magazines, you will likely see an array of reviews and insight into some of the latest female pop music icons, as there is no denying the major impact that pop music has had on our culture today. What you probably won’t see are very many reviews on female American jazz vocalists. While these women of music may not be making tabloid headlines, they are the artists receiving a great deal of attention from critics in the music industry and getting some of the most acclaimed reviews from professional music magazines around the globe.

While jazz music first rose to prominence many decades ago, there have been numerous talented American jazz vocalists who have dedicated their talents to keeping this style of music very much alive today, and they have done a great job in doing so. Just as the talented voices of Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday and Etta James once brought life and energy into this style of music, many female artists of today have been dedicated to continuing the musical stylings and subculture of jazz alive in modern day America. While these artist may not be making headlines, cities around the country from Los Angeles to New York are filled with authentic jazz clubs that are bringing fans of the musical genre both young and old together to listen to fresh takes on American jazz music.

The female jazz singers of today have managed to maintain the same soulful and smoky sound that once made jazz so famous and add their own fresh twist the sound. Those looking for that true jazz sound, one that is played in front of a live band and that embracing that soulful firepower that cemented the careers of so many female jazz icons today, can find that sound and that classic Hollywood femme fatal look in female American jazz vocalists such as Sylvia Brooks.

This American jazz vocalist is an example of the female power that is driving the jazz music industry in American and helping this genre maintain its life in today’s music industry. Unlike many musical stylings of today, for jazz to truly give off the authentic feel it is supposed to, it must be performed in the right setting, with the right live band and with the right film noir-esque backdrop. American jazz vocalists like Brooks have managed to keep this cultural element of jazz music alive today while still recording and delivering some of the most soulful and critically acclaimed albums in music today. With an understanding of the roots of jazz music and that this style was as much about a lifestyle as a sound, women in jazz have managed to keep this musical style an important part of American society today.

Sylvia Brooks is a female jazz artist who has been receiving high critical acclaim with her unique vocals and fresh approach to jazz music. More information on the singer, her albums and her performances can be found at Sitename.

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